We went to church service last night (Yes, weekly Sunday evening service!) and were deeply touched by Pastor Duane Harney’s message on “The Foot Washing Spirit.” If we are to have a Foot Washing Spirit (the spirit of a servant), ego, self-pleasing, jockeying for recognition, position and status must die. I thought to myself, it really is a matter of the heart… self must be crucified!

DRIVING HOME …, Darryl and I talked about the need for genuine renewal in our own lives and the church-at-large. We must be genuinely repentant, shake ourselves from apathy and half-baked, worldly, lukewarm “Christianity and return to our first love in these last days. Little did we know, the Holy Spirit had something more in store for us when we returned home! Hit the link and go to my blog to find out what, in the article titled ‘THIS IS THAT…”

Returning home, my husband, Darryl, sat in his recliner to watch the morning service repeat of Sonlife Broadcasting Network Church, as I got ready for bed. I was taking my makeup off, and began to sense the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit! Darryl called out to me and said that Grace, a worship team member at SonLife, was giving a message in tongues. I was quickly drawn to the living room with facial cleanser still on my face and heard the interpretation which was loud and forceful, beginning with the words “This Is That …” repeated several times. The basic substance of the message was that the Holy Spirit was coming in a fresh visitation to all who were desperate for a genuine move of God. Pastor Donnie Swaggart stated that the Holy Spirit was visiting to clean house in the church … to empty us of self and for incorporating the world’s methods into the church. He stressed that the only person to bring genuine renewal to the church was the Holy Spirit himself! The congregation was weeping loudly and praising God… and so was Darryl and I. Pastor Donnie tried to continue his message at least three times, and could not for the weeping and worship that ensued … it continued for some 45 minutes – until the end of the service. It seemed that Darryl and I could not move. We started to get up and the Holy Spirit was so strong we just sat back down and wept, crying out to God for renewal in our families and churches, then we would be overcome with worship and praise. We had been praying for a physical need in my own body for some time, and it appears the Lord healed me during this time as well. Praise His Name!

This sharing is a humble plea to all to pray with us that we awake from our apathy and truly come into a mighty move of God churchwide that no man can start and no man can end. We live in desperate and confusing times… we are on the precipice of the return of Jesus Christ … we need to be empowered by His Holy Spirit to bring the hurting, lost and dying Souls to Jesus. May we all come to the point, where all we can say is “This is THAT!!” Acts 2:16


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